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Electric power system

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Electric power system

State Grid Corporation of China and southern power grid control state power delivery of the lifeline of the national power grid operation area covers 26 provinces (autonomous regions and municipalities directly under the central government), covering more than 88% of the land area; And the southern power grid operation area covers five provinces, covering more than 10% of the land area. State grid and southern power grid is China and even the world's most competitive power company.

Power system solutions is not a simple equipment supply, but realization ability, system management ability and business cooperation ability and so on various comprehensive reflection of enterprise strength test, is a comprehensive system engineering. Technology is the core of the system solutions work, management and business activities is a system integration project successful implementation of a reliable guarantee. The discretion of the performance evaluation is a system solution project design is reasonable and implement successful important reference factors.

Typical performance
SGCC(State Grid Corporation of China)

State grid company set up by the state council and to agree to a state authorized investment institutions and state holding company of pilot units. The company is 2012 "fortune" the world top 500 enterprises 7th, is the world's largest utilities enterprise. Asian power and state grid company to carry out long-term cooperation, is the national power grid corporation, one of the key supplier for the state grid company design and provide reliable quality and stable operation of the high and low voltage complete switchgear solutions.

Southern power grid company

The business scope of the southern power grid to guangdong, guangxi, yunnan, guizhou and hainan, is responsible for the investment, construction and management of the regional power grid, the business related to the power transmission and distribution business, involved in the investment, construction and management related cross area to power transmission and transformation and networking project so far, Asian power has been involved in southern power grid company power system construction project more than ten years, the southern power grid to provide good performance, safety and reliability of the complete sets of equipment.